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Use the resilient and transformative stories found in #BlessedNotBroken (vol. 3): The Power of Transformation as the blueprint to navigate the uncertainties of life and to bounce back from obstacles that may throw you off course on your path to discovering contentment, self-love, and happiness. 

In #BlessedNotBroken (vol. 3): The Power of Transformation, my chapter is titled “Trust Your Gut”. In the chapter, you will read about my spiritual transformational journey as a twenty-one-year-old. God has given us instincts, an internal knowing, to signal us when to connect to something of substance that will align us with the will of God for our lives. I break down the complete process and give you the tools to build a solid spiritual foundation or a needed spiritual boost! Check your alignment with “Trust Your Gut!

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"Writing is not just about the finished product but also the impacted lives, lessons learned, and the experiences that fueled you while you were writing"

Alicia Mott Whitfield

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